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Join us on Wednesday evenings at 6pm for a time of fellowship over dinner and then as we unpack God’s word together as we study the Seven letters to the Seven Churches in the book of Revelation

DATE                                             STUDY

10th Jan                                           The Lord Who Speaks                Revelation 1:9-20

24th Jan                                           The Loveless Church                 Revelation 2:1-7

14th Feb                                           The Suffering Church                 Revelation 2:8-11

28th Feb                                          The Compromising Church        Revelation 2:12-17

13th Mar                                           The Adulterous Church              Revelation 2:18-29

27th Mar                                          The Dead Church                       Revelation 3:1-6

10th Apr                                           The Faithful Church                    Revelation 3:7-13

24th Apr                                           The Lukewarm Church              Revelation 3:14-22



Join us on Wednesday evenings at 7pm

Fortnightly for life groups where we gather together to learn in discipleship together.

We meet in homes in the local area and share fellowship and study God's Word Together, 

DATE                                             STUDY

17th Jan                Session 1:How Does God Want Me To Love Others

31st Jan                Session 2: What Will Give Me True Joy?

7th Feb                Session 3: How Do I Find Real Peace?

6th Mar               Session 4: How Does God Free Me From Sinful Habits

20th Mar             Session 5: How Can I Maintain Hope During Hardships?

3rd Apr                Session 6: How Can I Be Patient With Others?

17th Apr               Session 7: Why Should I Be Loyal To Others?

1st May                Session 8: How Can I Be Considerate Of Others?


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