Autumn Sermon Series


In our Autumn Sermon Series, we are going to spend some time getting uncomfortable, If we are honest churches have become places of comfort but what if instead of searching for a church that makes us comfortable, we learned to love our church, even when it’s challenging? What if some of the discomfort that we often experience is actually good for us?

As Christians we are called to embrace the uncomfortable aspects of Christian community, whether that means believing difficult truths, pursuing difficult holiness, or loving difficult people―all for the sake of the gospel, God’s glory, and our joy.

This series urges us to seek something greater than comfort: true life and true faith in Christ, found just beyond the borders of our comfort zone.”


  5th Sept:     Uncomfortable: The Uncomfortable Cross

12th Sept:     Uncomfortable: Uncomfortable Holiness

19th Sept:     Uncomfortable: Uncomfortable Truths

26th Sept:     Uncomfortable: Uncomfortable Love

  3rd Oct:     Uncomfortable: Uncomfortable Comforter

10th Oct:     Uncomfortable: Uncomfortable Mission         (Harvest Sunday)

17th Oct:     Uncomfortable: Uncomfortable People

24th Oct:     Uncomfortable: Uncomfortable Diversity

31st Oct:     Uncomfortable: Uncomfortable Worship                   

  7th Nov:    Uncomfortable: Uncomfortable Authority        (IDOP Sunday)

14th Nov:    Uncomfortable: Uncomfortable Unity             (Remembrance Sunday)

21st Nov:    Uncomfortable: Uncomfortable Commitment

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