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Mission is about sharing, giving and receiving. A mission partner is someone who feels called by God to serve in another part of the world church. We at Alness Baptist Church are grateful to be able to partner with such people and organisations. We as a church support the following gospel work : 

Godshandiwork puppets

Shaws.jpg 2.jpg
Sam & Silvana Shaw + family.

Since 1998 I have been doing puppet shows for children and the young at heart in my spare time and from 2000 full time. During these years I have been in about 30 different countries doing this, sharing God’s story, training and equipping others to do the same. In 2007 i was joined by my wife Silvana, in 2012 by our daughter Aislinn and in 2014 by our son Seán. We often work along with friends in Churches, schools and on the streets around the country. Each year we usually try and spend some time working in Brasil and Scotland where we have family. Our programs involve, puppets, storytelling, balloon art, juggling and illusions : basically anything we can think of that can teach a spiritual lesson and share Jesus in a fun, visual way. You can assume that whatever you think of when you think of puppets, that its probably not what we do!

To find out more about the work of Godshandiwork puppets click here

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